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Monday, January 13, 2020

BTS connect Online live stream 14-01-2020


Wait for us and live broadcast of the bts connect stream event today 14-01-2019 here and exclusively on our website

CONNECT, BTS starts tomorrow
Connect BTS... How about you CONNECT your computer to the wifi and release ad2
This tuesday Run BTS! is coming back, also that day we have: BTS CONNECT: ONLINE, BTS CONNECT: LONDON and ARMY ZIP Interview & Gallery

CONNECT, BTS begins tomorrow! 

Starting with both CONNECT, BTS: ONLINE and CONNECT, BTS: LONDON. 



Time of and details about the event are still unknown 

#Jungkook so adorable....#CONNECT_BTS huh? I wonder if it's going to be the new version for them to stream to us live...either way I'm just happy to see Kookie's face💜💙 

for those who are asking, Connect BTS is when they live stream content in different public locations all over the world. they choose a location, a big screen, and we get to watch.

This week we’re getting: 

-CONNECT, BTS Online (1/14)
-CONNECT, BTS London (1/14)
-Run BTS! Ep. 91 (1/14)

-CONNECT, BTS Berlin (1/15) 

-1st Single Release ‼️ (1/17) 

ARMY, we stay spoiled with content! Get ready to stream!!