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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

ExtraTV Interview with BTS on Friday, February 21st in New York.

#BTSARMY! We're interviewing the guys this Friday in NYC, and we want *YOUR* questions! Tweet us what you want us to ask! 

Army comments

- “We Are Bulletproof” has a Pt 1 that they made *before* they debuted as a group and a Pt 2 as part of their debut album in 2013... now in 2020, how does it feel to revisit the theme with “We Are Bulletproof: Eternal”?

Just like the name of their album 7, is there a special meaning behind naming their title song 'ON'? Is it a nod to ORUL82's "NO" like we all suspected (or is it We On 

Ask them what make them write the album? How did they process? 
What is the meaning of ON, BLACK SWAN? 
Does MAP OF THE SOUL SERIE is just a diptych: Persona & 7 (previous series were trilogy)? 
Please don't ask about featuring, fave artist, celeb crush 

What?? Really? Pls have translator so each member can answer easily.

Pls ask them about their new album. What inspired them? What message?
And tell them we're proud of them so much. And love them.  And pls let Kim Tahyung answer too, he's a shy one.

1.What their fave album of all times is, who inspires their music, who inspires their fashion, who inspires them? 
2.What's their favorite place on earth?
3. If they would live without technology for one day what would they do? 
4. Taehyung, will you make your own clothing line?