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Sunday, February 16, 2020

live stream BTS with program Today Show 21-02-2020

Further details on the BTS
 comeback: The Today Show appearance will be between 10 to 15 minutes without a performance and the press conference for the new album is scheduled on Feb. 24.

Big Hit confirms today that the global press conference for "Map of the Soul: 7" will take place in South Korea.

For those wanting to catch Today live, the show starts at 8 a.m. EST and 10 p.m. KST on Feb. 21!

 will hold a press conference on February 24 after returning from the US for their US promotion including TODAY Show (10~15 minute interview).

BTS will be present on NBC's Today Show program in Plaza - New York next Friday with an interview and a performance for the unveiling of Map of the Soul: 7!

BTS TODAY interview: What you want to realize
The popular group is stopping by using TODAY on Friday, Feb. 21, for a live interview on the TODAY Plaza. Learn how you could attend and spot them up near.
BTS is coming to TODAY! The popular organization is coming to TODAY on Feb. 21 for a special live interview on Rockefeller Plaza and we need enthusiasts to be there! Here are all of the details about the occasion and how you can get Fan Passes.
PLEASE NOTE: This is not a live performance; the organization will not be performing any songs live.

Date: Friday, February 21
Hashtag: #BTSTODAY