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Friday, February 07, 2020

Watch BTS With Jimmy Fallon February 2020

BTS with Jimmy Fallon 

#FALLONASKSBTS tendencies AFTER BTS IS showed TO seem on the tonight show STARRING JIMMY FALLON
BTS will make a traveler look at the tonight show Starring Jimmy Fallon speedy, the host introduced on Thursday.

Fallon asked visitors to send him any questions he need to invite the ok-pop sensation using the hashtag #FallonAsksBTS, which has been pinnacle-trending on Twitter with a flood of questions pouring in.
The questions from fanatics—collectively known as the navy—variety from numerous requests asking BTS to go to their countries and questions on their drawing close album Map of the Soul:7 and future collaborations.

"What stimulated this album/some tracks in the album? I recognize they're quite hesitant in giving anything away but if possible to answer it with out giving any spoilers that could be exquisite #FallonAsksBTS #FallonTonight," 
"#FallonAsksBTS could you like to collab with Selena Gomez or Taylor swift in the destiny?," 

"hey guys I simply wanna say that i like you a lot thank you for better my life but I would love to ask you one aspect are you capable of please come to Portugal? Portuguese armys love you a lot #FallonAsksBTS