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Monday, March 02, 2020

Download WHO Lauv feat BTS mp3 song

Lauv's "Who" ft BTS out on March 6th
Lauv talks about BTS and their feature on his upcoming song “Who”

Lauvsongs talking about his new feature with 
on his new album. Can’t wait to hear this one and so nice to hear him be so sweet about the boys

Pretty cool that the whole group will feature on a different artist's song. Most of Lauv's music isn't really for me but I will definitely check it out

Oh I look forward to it! Wonder what it will sound like, a seven member group featuring in one (1) singer's song. I guess they must have really short lines or maybe they sing the chorus or something. Otherwise it might sound like BTS ft Lauv rather than the other way around.

I like Lauv's music and sound so keen for this, his vocals for me were very out of place in MIR, so I am glad it was only a short teaser to lead way to a proper collab.

Also still confused why several people thought Lauv was just gonna use MIR to be in his album

Did Lauv or BTS confirm that it features the whole group? Because otherwise I'm not going to assume anything considering that they've labelled collabs as "ft BTS" in the past even when it wasn't all 7 members lol.

If you're talking about Waste It On Me, I think BigHit were actually the ones pushing to have it labelled BTS. There was an odd bit of phrasing in a Steve Aoki interview where it was clear that he was encouraged to just say BTS were featuring so I wouldn't come down too hard on any of the artists.

An original, non MIR remix, feat BTS track? Not surprised at all. I really still don't understand why people were so insisting it would be the MIR remix, the thing I actually would be surprised if it would be all the boys on the track.

Waste it on Me is a song that I feel doesnt get enough love. Yes not all the members are on it but it still a beautiful and meaningful song that at least for me personally helped me get through a dark time in my life.

You guys I'm still learning English so I'm not sure about a lot of things anyways, for me "the first play" means the first time that he played the song but this doesn't have a direct translation to Spanish so people are debating between this and that this means that he played the first part of the song but that sounds off to me unless he played a different version or a shortened version so what does "the first play" for y'all mean?

We have this conversation time and time again, yet people still have yet to grasp that these features serve a purpose of introducing BTS to a new/broader audience. BTS’ name will be used for ease because it has familiarity with the general public. It’s how the music industry functions. Some fans tend to personalize these issues without looking at it from a business perspective— and without remembering that these features are not meant to inform us because yes, we know it’s Jimin and Jungkook of course.

I'm genuinely curious. I don't get what's to be upset about. I always feel like I'm missing something in this fandom. Like everybody had a meeting to discuss what we should be outraged by and I wasn't invited lol.

Think it came from the misleading promotions of waste it on me when the actual song is only Namjoon and Jungkook singing on it. Whatever the reasons are (could be that the person just want to know exactly what to look forward to and don't want to be surprised again, or just don't want being "lied" to, to the other extreme solo stans etc) most Armys esp OT7 ones will still listen to the song.

Honestly! People that are surprised it's not an OT7 song haven't been catching up. The only collabs that have included all the members were: the Steve Aoki ones, the remixes and Boy with Luv.

Most artists don't like to only sing one or two lines when they collab, that's why western groups don't usually make songs with other artists. If you thought that Lauv's song only had him singing a few lines... That would never happen. Unless BTS were to sing all at the same time, an OT7 song didn't seem very plausible.

Anyways, I enjoyed ABND, All Night, WIOM and Dream Glow, so I'm sure I'll love this one. BTS knows how to make good collabs.

Interesting, honestly I feel like this will be Waste it on Me all over again. It's pretty difficult to fit seven people as a feature and if it is all in English they might only choose the members with very good pronunciation. Still unsure how I feel about this collab. I want to be positive but my expectations are low.

Edit: I really don't care if not all the members are featured on collabs in fact I want them all to be able to make a name for themselves outside of BTS. But if a project is marketed as "BTS" it is pretty shitty to not include all of them.