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Thursday, March 05, 2020

Lauv – how I’m feeling Album Zip Free Download MP3

lauv how i'm feeling album

How i’m feeling is the debut studio album from Californian singer-songwriter Lauv. It will observe up his 2018 compilation album, I met you after I become 18. (the playlist).

Lauv has launched ten singles from the project, “i’m so tired…”–a collaboration with Australian pop sensation Troye Sivan, “Drugs & the Internet,” “Sad Forever,” “fuck, i’m lonely”–observed by using British singer Anne-Marie, “Feelings.”, “Sims.”, “Mean It”–with pop-band LANY, “Changes”, “Tattoos Together”, and “Modern Loneliness”.

In an October 2019 Instagram publish, Lauv commented at the album concept:

~how i’m feeling~ is all approximately embracing persona and all its special factors. The idea that we aren't *one element* and in fact we can be many various things on many extraordinary days. Born out of a disaster of “who am i?”, i created 6 different characters: red (existential lauv), blue (hopeless romantic lauv), inexperienced (goofy lauv), yellow (effective lauv), orange (fuckboy lauv), and purple (highly spiced lauv™️)

lauv how i'm feeling album tracklist

Drugs & the Internet
​fuck, i’m lonely ft. Anne-Marie
Lonely Eyes
Canada ft. Alessia Cara
For Now
Mean It w/ LANY
Tell My Mama
Who ft. BTS
​i’m so tired… w/ Troye Sivan
El Tejano ft. Sofía Reyes
Tattoos Together
Sad Forever
Invisible Things
Modern Loneliness

How I'm Feeling (stylized as ~how i am feeling~) is the upcoming debut studio album with the aid of American singer Lauv. It is scheduled for launch on March 6, 2020. To sell the album Lauv launched into the How I'm Feeling Tour on October five in aid of the album.[2] He might be supported via American singer-songwriter mxmtoon whilst he tours Asia within the summer season of 2020.[3]

The cover depicts miniature variations of Lauv status and sitting on him carrying colourful clothes. According to Lauv, those characters are "represented with the aid of red (existential Lauv), blue (hopeless romantic Lauv), inexperienced (goofy Lauv), yellow (advantageous Lauv), orange (fuckboy Lauv) and crimson (spicy Lauv), all of which make up [his] identity."[4] The music video for "Sims" would "bring the album concept and characters to life for the first time,"[4] and allowed visitors to get a glimpse inner Lauv's thoughts and learn about the idea in the back of the album.

Lauv is a pop star communicating love and lifestyles for Generation Mindful—and it’s a function held with a lot sincerity. “Artists get advocated to locate their ‘factor’ and I assume that’s wonderful bad,” he tells Apple Music. In search of an antidote, Lauv brought The One Man Boyband, an eccentric on-line video collection that outlines the idea of his debut studio album ~how i'm feeling~. “We created these six extraordinary characters that represent exceptional factors of my personality,” he explains. “I wanted to find a manner to visually constitute that during a manner that turned into easy, however also quite humorous.” ~how i'm feeling~ is the artist born Ari Staprans Leff distilled throughout 21 tracks, feeling Purple (“existential”), Blue (“hopeless romantic”), Red (“highly spiced”), Yellow (“superb”), Green (“goofy”) and on occasion Orange (“f**kboy”). Though the album’s theme runs deeply non-public, Lauv connects with a wide-ranging solid of collaborators, each helping to lure a brand new dimension out of him. Over infectious flamenco licks, he’s joined by means of Sofía Reyes for the bilingual pop anthem “El Tejano”, and on the wintry ballad “Who”, he layers wondrous harmonies alongside K-pop sensations BTS. In a amusing exploration of the various strands that make the person, Lauv talks us via the album, selecting out a few coloration-coded key tracks.

Drugs & The Internet (Orange & Purple)

“That turned into the first track I had written for the album. My mission before changed into all love songs, heartbreak songs, hopeless romantic, blah, blah, blah. I assume that become the beginning of me being like, ‘Okay, I'm going to truely open this door musically and prevent trying to filter myself,’ which is likewise a big part of the concept, too. I felt like before I became filtering myself as an artist—simplest showing one side.”

F**okay, i’m lonely (feat. Anne-Marie) [from 13 Reasons Why Season 3] (Blue)

“I normally recognize while a track takes place pretty fast that they're typically the satisfactory ones. I made the beat once I changed into on excursion, in an airport. It became extremely good short, after which I came home and I turned into putting with my satisfactory friend who I do a variety of my songwriting with. The refrain got here from a verbal exchange. The whole music changed into written quite fast; it simply felt like one of these catchy songs that I could see humans resonating with. I sent it to Anne-Marie—I assume she changed into again home and I became in LA running on the album—and she or he virtually smashed it.”

Sims (Blue)

“‘Sims’ for me changed into an crucial one, particularly as we made a quick movie round that one. That changed into one of the methods we broke down the idea of the unique characters in The One Man Boyband. Funny issue about the song—I honestly don't even understand that a whole lot about the game Sims, but the whole element about the tune is thinking how you could do a situation in another way. Whether it's a romantic scenario, you meet anyone at a celebration and choke up and also you don't say the proper aspect, and then they go away and you're like, I surprise if they might were my spouse, or some thing, any state of affairs.”

Billy (Green)

“My preferred is Green, simply because he doesn't take s**t critically. He does not display up much because he's f**king weird. I have no idea how this track befell. I went through a actually s**tty time—I were given clearly, truely depressed and became diagnosed with OCD and depression, so I wrote a few songs approximately that. I ended getting prescribed a few antidepressants and I woke up one week, so unbelievably satisfied, each day, like crazy, loopy. Within a week span, I bought a residence, I were given my canine, I sold all this art. I went crazy, and all my pals were like, 'Yo, what the f**okay goes on? You were simply splendid depressed. This is not ordinary.' Essentially, I changed into a few version of manic. I became simply remarkable improved. I could be inside the middle of creating one track, and then a whole different tune could occur in 10 minutes. 'Billy' become one the songs that simply got here out of nowhere at the same time as I was operating on some thing else. My canine is called Billy, I assume that is where the call came from. I had just gotten him, and to the track, it's fairly delusion, incredibly autobiographical.”

Feelings (Blue)

“I think this is probably the most effective track on the album that I mixed myself. It was one in every of my toddlers, so I was very shielding about how I desired it to sound. One of my pleasant pals, Jaime—she facilitates me plenty on the A&R aspect—she was like, ‘Oh, I realize this extremely good manufacturer who let you at the song.’ So I met him, and that same day, we have been simply vibin’. His female friend, another amazing songwriter named Andrea, she got here in, and simply via risk, we wrote ‘Feelings’ in an hour. I was just no longer awaiting that. It’s approximately when you're on the brink with someone new and it's like, ‘Come on, permit's simply pass for it.’”

Canada (feat. Alessia Cara) (Yellow & Blue)

“I became courting this girl and she despatched me a screenshot of trending topics on Twitter, and the pinnacle subject matter that day changed into ‘Studies show in case you're looking for the best great of lifestyles, you have to pass to Canada.’ I wrote the song with Phoebe Bridgers—she's fantastic—and then I despatched it to Alessia, I idea she could do some thing extremely good for that music. I've been in LA for three and a half years now, I turned into in New York for 4 years earlier than that, in faculty, and I sense like at this point, it would be so difficult for me to now not live in some kind of city, just due to the fact I want stuff continually occurring. Don't get me wrong, I love lovely nature and stuff, however I'd simply cross loopy.”

For Now (Blue)

“What happens at my indicates is the manufacturing's quite massive—there’s honestly massive moments, massive video wall and a variety of content and stuff. But then I strip it down for that tune, to simply one unmarried microphone and my acoustic guitar. I ought to get the whole room to be silent for people to hear me. I become fearful that it wouldn't paintings, but it genuinely works—99.9% of the time. I became about to play and anyone stated something, so a person else in the crowd turned and stated, ‘SHUT THE F**K UP!’ You can find the video on TikTok, truly—it turned into so humorous. It's one in every of my favored moments inside the show because unpredictable stuff occurs whenever.”

Mean It (Red)

“I commenced [writing the song] in New York some time ago, with multiple my exceptional pals, Michael Pollack and Michael Matosic. I sat on it for some time. Then, me and Paul [Klein] from LANY have been speakme, we spent time, and Twitter became always like, ‘LANY and Lauv, Lauv and LANY, they want to collab,’ so on and so forth. When I first came to LA, I found their stuff, and been listening when you consider that they had been setting s**t out on SoundCloud. Before I become Lauv, I had a DJ project that I become doing remixes below. I did this bootleg remix one night time to ‘I Love You So Bad’. I do not assume they even recognise that, but I become sincerely an extended-time fan. My mom is passionate about 'Mean It'. After it came out, she turned into like, 'Paul's voice is so outstanding.' I think she low-key has a crush on Paul.”

Tell My Mama (Orange)

“I reference things, capsules and anything. I suppose the manner that I sing about it, I listen returned and I'm like, 'All right, it is a touch f**kboy.' Somebody might take it as if you're bragging about it or something like that.”

Who (feat. BTS) (Purple)

“When you get to that refrain and the stacked vocals, the again harmonies and stuff, I thought it might be without a doubt sick. I met them at Wembley. That became after they asked me to do the remix for ‘Make It Right’. ‘Make It Right’ changed into my preferred tune off of that project [MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA]. That track, simply talk approximately exceptional, superb melodies, some of the excellent melodies inside the global. Think Ed Sheeran's on that one—an absolute icon of a songwriter, obviously, and artist, and character. I become so lucky to go on tour with him. Every time I go to London and we dangle, he tries to get me to get a beanie wrap from Nando's, and I were given to be sincere, I'm not actually a beanie wrap kind of guy.”

El Tejano (feat. Sofía Reyes) (Red)

“It manner ‘The Texan’, I believe. You realize when you circulate to a new town and speedy find your spots? We discovered this bar and restaurant [in downtown LA] called El Tejano, and I started out going there three or 4 instances per week. It's simply the maximum sit back place and they've got a terrific fish taco. Me and my exceptional friends are constantly joking about making a track approximately it, and sooner or later we sooner or later got the tune proper, I knew it needed to be on the album. When I despatched her the music, the manner I knew it became perfect and intended to be is she changed into like, 'Yo, I truly love El Tejano. I pass there all of the time.’”

Tattoos Together (Yellow)

“I changed into seeing this female—high-quality, fantastic, incredible short into seeing her, I went to Portland and got a matching tattoo with her. I've never accomplished that before, and I'm very an awful lot an overthinker for the maximum component. I do not simply do stuff like that, and I just did it. I don't know for certain if she'll nonetheless maintain it. It's not every different's names or something, it is a absolutely lovable tattoo, and genuinely even though the connection did not training session, it marks a time in my existence that I became simply so glad and so in love. I actually have a few surely dumb tattoos, and  what, at least I can say at that moment it was something that I felt strongly about.”

Changes (Purple)

“That music became very plenty a adventure song for me. I started out writing it earlier than I turned into recognized. Not being dramatic here—I spent the entire month in my mattress, just in a terrible area. The best way I may want to get myself to write a song, I placed a touch s**tty keyboard in my bed room, and that became the most effective place I become honestly capable of paintings on a music. I'm just splendid fortunate that I do what I do and I wasn't working an workplace process or some thing, due to the fact I would've just fallen apart. So, I started out ‘Changes’ then, after which I finished it once I got to a much higher area. I changed into like, ‘I love this track, maybe I can end it.’ That's how I got the angle to finish. It become once I had honestly got glad again.”

Sad Forever (Purple)

“One of the excellent ways I might describe the distinction among, for me, disappointment and melancholy is I felt like there was this heavy blanket between me and the world. It wasn't just ordinary unhappiness. I felt like I couldn't actually feel. I nearly started to feel numb. I could not virtually experience pleasure or something out of lifestyles anymore. I idea I desired to end tune. I just felt tremendous now not me, and that's where ‘Sad Forever’ came about. One day I decided I wanted to report a little monologue on my iPhone. In one of my buddies’ motors, I simply move-of-awareness spoke approximately what befell in my lifestyles round ‘Sad Forever’. Then, earlier than I play it at every display, I walk off level and the display screen is going black and text appears, and also you listen that iPhone voice memo. Then, I come and play.”

Modern Loneliness (Purple)

“I've been gambling it in rehearsals, and not to be melodramatic, but I literally cry. When it gets to that last chorus, I just lose it. I do not know why, it is just an emotional track for me. That one become the maximum vital tune to me. I love that music so, so, so, so, a lot.”