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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The BTS World Tour 2020 has been canceled due to the spread of Corona virus

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U.S. Authorities: “Cancellation and Postponement for 8 Weeks”

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RM “I hope the time you have been running will not be in vain”

With the rapid spread of new coronavirus infections in the United States (Corona 19), the North American tour of BTS (Photography) is becoming increasingly unclear. As the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) "recommended to cancel or postpone the event for the next eight weeks," there is an increased possibility of disrupting the North American tour schedule.

According to CNN on the 15th (local time), the CDC issued strong recommendations to prevent the spread of Corona19. "We recommend canceling or delaying events of 50 or more in the next 8 weeks," said the CDC. The next day, President Donald Trump also issued guidelines. USA Today said on the 16th, “President Trump has asked to refrain from meetings with more than 10 people and restrict travel.” ” The CDC predicted that in early May, President Trump will prolong Corona 19 by summer.

As a result, sparks fell on the North American tour of BTS, scheduled for late April to early June. If the CDC says "8 weeks in the future," it is until May 10th. The BTS North America Tour begins April 25-26 at the Santa Clara Levi's Stadium in California. Although recommended, it is included in the “weeks of caution” that the CDC said right now. The same is true for the Rose Bowl Stadium in Los Angeles on May 2-5, and the Dallas Cotton Ball Stadium on May 9-10.
Following Orlando (May 14), Atlanta (May 17), New Jersey (May 23-24), Washington DC (May 27), Toronto (May 30-31), Chicago (June 5-6 days) Performance cannot be guaranteed.

Earlier, Santa Clara Levi's Stadium said, "We will stop operating until further notice according to government guidelines to prevent the spread of Corona 19." Before the BTS, the motor sports event “Monster Jam”, which was held on April 4, has already been postponed.

It is sad and frustrating with BTS and its big hit entertainment company that canceled the Seoul concert. Earlier this year, he released his regular 4th album, “Map of the Sol: 7,” and dreamed of another “myth creation”, but everything was in danger of returning to blistering. Leader RM said after the Seoul concert was canceled, “It was difficult and difficult throughout the activity. We were upset because there was nothing we could actually do. However, we hope that the time, practice, and performances we have run for this album will not be in vain. ”

BTS members hoped to improve the situation and were known to be in full swing for singing and choreography practice. It was reported that the general employees of Big Hit switched to the telecommuting system, but were sweating in the company practice room. "The world tour is under discussion and will be announced as soon as it is finalized," said Big Hit.