Download Mp3 [슬기로운 의사생활 OST Part 4] 규현 (KYUHYUN) - 화려하지 않은 고백 (Confession Is Not Flashy) MV - free24online

Friday, April 03, 2020

Download Mp3 [슬기로운 의사생활 OST Part 4] 규현 (KYUHYUN) - 화려하지 않은 고백 (Confession Is Not Flashy) MV

[Wise Doctor's Life OST Part 4] Kyuhyun (KYUHYUN)-Confession Is Not Flashy MV.

“Confessions That Are Not Spectacular” is a ballad song released by Seung-Hwan Lee in 1993 and met Kyu-hyun to reborn as a sweeter version in about 27 years.

In particular, the lyrical melody of the original song and the lyrics of the retro form a perfect harmony with Kyuhyun's emotional vocals, and provide a calming impression to viewers with a luxurious arrangement of acoustic guitar and rich orchestration.

Recently, ‘the wise doctor ’s life’ raises curiosity by drawing unexpected three-dimensional relationships. Among them, Kyuhyun's ‘unconfessed confession’ is expected to add strength to the love of the drama. Lyrics that give a deep sound also increase viewers' immersion and at the same time convey greater emotion.

According to Producer Ma Joo-hee, the love theme was decided as ‘unconfessed confession’ even before the first broadcast of ‘Sageful Doctor ’s Life’, and Kyu-hyun was suddenly lost as a singer.

Producer Ma Ju-hee said, “Since the color and concept of the original song singer Lee Seung-hwan are clear, I was very concerned about the arrangement direction. As it is a love theme, he added a string dynamic to the ballad that used Kyuhyun's voice to create a “new Kyuhyun ballad”.

Especially in the recording scene, Kyuhyun has completed the remake version of the “unconfessed confession” in his own style that is different from the original song.

Arrangement of Kyuhyun's version of `` Confessions That Are Not Gorgeous '' includes a number of works such as 'Lonely Night' (Lonely Night), Kwon Jin-ah, the first OST of `` Sage Doctor Life '', and `` Cherry Blossom Sonata '', which is OST of `` Hundred Days ''. Arranged by Park Geun-cheol and Jeong Soo-min, who have been in the process, completed a delicate and beautiful work.


Lyrics by Taeho Oh
Composed by Taeho Oh
Arranged by Park Geun-cheol & Jung Soo-min
Piano Park Geun-cheol & Jung Soo-min
Guitar Taewook Lee
Chorus Jeongsoomin
Strings Jungstring
String Arranged by Soo Jung Min

Recorded by Minji Noh @ SM Yellow Tail Studio
Mixed by Sungjun Hong @Forsythia Fight
Mastered by Dojeong Hoe & Joon Park @Sound Max

OST Producer Ma Ju-hee MaOSTro @Studio Mind C
Project Manager Yeonhee Kang @Studio Mind C