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Friday, May 22, 2020

Download MP3 Album Agust D Mixtape SUGA’s 2020

“#AGUSTD2ISCOMING” Trends No. 1 Worldwide On Twitter As ARMY Gets Ready For BTS’ Suga’s Return As Agust D
All symptoms are pointing to a new mixtape on the manner from BTS’ Suga, also regarded by means of his rapper call Agust D!

Suga formerly released his first mixtape back in 2016 titled “Agust D,” and BTS’s fans ARMY had been anticipating a new mixtape from the gifted rapper and producer for some time now. Each day this week, Big Hit Entertainment has been posting mysterious countdown teasers that began to get clearer because the days went by using, but there has been nonetheless a few uncertainty approximately which BTS member turned into featured in the image.
Early inside the morning KST on May 22, ARMY observed that Agust D’s Apple Music profile image were changed to an picture of Suga that matches the discern in the teaser pix.

Naturally, “#AGUSTD2ISCOMING” quickly grabbed the No. 1 spot on Twitter’s international traits as fans reacted to this new clue and obvious confirmation of Suga’s 2d mixtape finally being on the manner!

Meanwhile, BTS has been working on their subsequent album and sharing the manner with enthusiasts via publicizes. Their seventh debut anniversary is coming up on June 13, and that they’ll be appearing an internet concert the following day titled “BANG BANG CON The Live.”

Stay tuned for updates on what Agust D has in store!

Agust D is the debut mixtape by way of South Korean rapper Agust D (better referred to as Suga of boy band BTS). It changed into released on August 15, 2016, by means of Big Hit Entertainment on SoundCloud.
Prior to launching his profession because the rapper Suga of South Korean boy band BTS, Agust D began writing track lyrics and working with MIDI at age thirteen and held a part-time task composing and arranging tune at a recording studio at age 17.[1] Active below the call "Gloss" as an underground rapper,[2] Agust D originally entered Big Hit Entertainment as a producer in 2010[3] and trained beneath Big Hit Entertainment for three years alongside members J-Hope and RM earlier than making his debut as a member of BTS in 2013.[4] In the preliminary years of his career in BTS, each he and his fellow group member RM confronted grievance from the South Korean underground hip hop scene for "selling out" and becoming K-pop idols.[5][6]

Between his commitments as a member of BTS, Agust D took benefit of time at the aircraft and in lodge rooms after concert events to constantly produce and compose song.[7] In an interview for Grazia Korea, Agust D expressed a desire to launch the song he desired to do without having to remember popular enchantment or track ranking. He intended to release his tune without spending a dime within the form of a mixtape to avoid such issues, commenting that an album "has a feeling of being trapped in a few sort of framework" due to the need for agency involvement in promoting and marketing. Developing Agust D musically on the base of hip hop, an awful lot of Agust D's idea for the lyrics got here from his own memories of dream, young people, fact and freedom.[1]

In order to distinguish his paintings from that of his paintings as Suga, he developed the adjust ego "Agust D", which is derived from the initials DT, quick for his birthplace, Daegu Town, and "Suga" spelled backwards.[1] Steadily collecting songs in his profession, Agust D utilized a number of songs composed as early as 2011 to as overdue as a month before release to create his mixtape.[8] The release of Agust D observed RM's self-titled mixtape RM (2015) and the fulfillment of BTS' first compilation album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever (2016) and The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage: Epilogue Tour.[9][10]

The final cut of Agust D incorporates ten tracks on SoundCloud and 8 tracks on streaming and download services.[11] Critics regarded Agust D as a first-rate departure from his preceding catalog as a member of BTS with a hardcore rap fashion highlighting his underground affects.[9][10] Billboard and Fuse complimented the album's divergence from his contemporaries in K-pop with its vulnerability and Agust D's self-production.[10][12]

In Agust D, Agust D uncovered his inner thoughts on his beginnings to his upward thrust to stardom. "Intro ; Dt sugA", showcasing the fashion of conventional turntablism hip hop, preceded the self-introduction music "Agust D" which applied rapid and specific rap strategies over "deep and severe bass" to underscore his confidence and self-identity.[5] "Give It to Me" released into "full-on disses" toward his detractors and the following "Skit" explored the duality of Agust D and Suga "as a person and as a musician".[5] While "724148" reflected at the which means of "fulfillment" and Agust D's beginnings in his fatherland of Daegu, the tune "140503 at Dawn", composed of minimum beats, contemplated on his underlying vulnerability inside the early morning before transitioning into the tune "The Last" which utilized dramatic beats and rap strategies[5] to portray his soul ate up by using depression, obsession, and self-hatred following the pursuit of his dream in Seoul.[10] In "Tony Montana", Agust D took on the person of the Tony Montana from the 1983 movie Scarface to ruminate on the character of fulfillment, ambition, and envy. The lyrics of "Interlude: Dream, Reality" consisted of handiest the phrase "dream", main into the very last track "So Far Away" which contemplated on the essence of the phrase "dream"[5] whilst urging his listeners to continue dreaming.[10]

On July 29, 2016, Agust D's release date changed into confirmed to be in August.[13] On August 15, it turned into launched on SoundCloud and without cost down load via links on Twitter[8][14] at the side of a music video for "Agust D".[15] On August 18, Agust D released a follow-up tune video for "Give It to Me".[16] Aside from interviewing for Grazia Korea and Marie Claire Korea, Agust D did now not in addition promote the mixtape.[1][7] Fuse later ranked it at #16 on their listing of the 20 excellent mixtapes of 2016.[12]

In February 2018, the mixtape become rereleased for virtual purchase and streaming sans its first  tracks.[17] The reissue reached #3 on Billboard's World Albums Chart, #five on the Heatseekers Albums chart, and #74 at the Top Album Sales chart. The rerelease also caused Agust D to attain #46 on the Emerging Artists chart for the week of March three.[18]

Intro: Dt sugA (feat. DJ Friz)
Agust D
Give It to Me
724148 (치리사일사팔)
140503 at Dawn (140503 새벽에)
The Last (마지막)
Tony Montana (feat. Yankie)
Interlude: Dream, Reality
So Far Away (feat. Suran)

BTS: Was Suga’s Next ‘Agust D’ Mixtape Unveiled by a Change on Apple Music? Why Fans Think New Music Is Coming Soon
For the beyond few days, BTS lovers have been wrapped up in the mysterious countdown provided by way of the Big Hit Entertainment Twitter account. The cryptic tweets began with “D-7,” and with every passing day, a black-and-white determine became increasingly clearer. Of direction, ARMYs had their theories, many wondering whether or not Jungkook or Suga would emerge with their rather-predicted solo initiatives. Now, BTS enthusiasts are certain Suga’s subsequent Agust D mixtape is coming quickly after the track artist’s profile picture modified on Apple Music.

In August 2016, Suga released his first Agust D mixtape and BTS enthusiasts were watching for the rapper’s follow-up ever when you consider that. Then whilst BTS’ Bon Voyage dropped in November 2019, Suga shared his plans to finish his next mixtape as soon as the tour special wrapped filming. 

Meanwhile, Suga defined he became supposed to launch new tune in 2019 throughout a New Year’s VLIVE broadcast with BTS. However, it didn’t show up due to scheduling conflicts. 

Finally, in early May 2020, Suga and RM teased the following Agust D mixtape at some stage in a talk on VLIVE. But notwithstanding his previous comments, Suga claimed he wouldn’t launch whatever quickly.

What I can tell you now could be, that the music will now not be launched every time soon,” Suga stated on the time. “Not close at all. Not today or tomorrow. Please watch for a while. And I’ll come lower back with right tune.” 

Why BTS fanatics think Suga’s ‘Agust D’ mixtape is coming 
On May 16, Big Hit Entertainment unveiled the first countdown teaser with “D-7.” The BTS reliable Twitter account also retweeted the brand new posts each day. Then by means of “D-three” and “D-2,” fanatics should vaguely see someone tied up. But as noted, many contributors of ARMY weren’t sure approximately the character’s identification.

Nevertheless, a few hawk-eyed fans observed Agust D’s Apple Music profile photograph turned into modified on May 21. The image additionally seemed to fit the teasers presented by using Big Hit Entertainment on Twitter, from Suga’s black hair all the way down to the outfit. The musician became also tied up in the picture.

Then different fans used the Shazam app on a clip from Break the Silence and observed a song titled “What Do You Think” from the album D-2. But as continually, we’re going to have to look forward to an professional announcement.

While we all “patiently” look ahead to Big Hit Entertainment to reveal the which means behind the countdown, BTS enthusiasts have rushed to social media to percentage their pleasure over the Agust D profile photo exchange on Apple Music. And instantly, ARMYs trended “#AGUSTD2ISCOMING” to the no. 1 spot on Twitter worldwide. 

“Man hasn’t released any songs but and he already looks like he’s approximately to end some lives,” a fan wrote on Twitter. “Are we even fking prepared bc whether or not we accept it or no longer 2016 Agust D will surely be exceptional from 2020 Agust D #AGUSTD2ISCOMING.”

Meanwhile, “MIN YOONGI” and “ALL MEN DO IS LIE” also trended on Twitter in honor of the tune artist’s feedback from his VLIVE broadcast with RM earlier this month. 

But regardless, maximum enthusiasts are speculating the profile % change on “D-2” changed into absolutely intentional. 

“All I’m pronouncing is it ain’t a coincidence that this image dropped at the same day we got to D2 at the countdown,” a fan tweeted. 

“Ok so, I suppose the reason why they dropped Yoongi’s picture because it would will drop these days(Friday),” every other fan wrote. “And do y’all found out the countdown stopped at D-2, it can additionally be that D-2 is the name of the mixtape shortcut for AgustD 2!!!!! Get ready for 6pm kst y’all!!”

Whether or now not Suga drops his subsequent Agust D mixtape inside the following few hours, it’s been one hell of a ride. And in the end, we’re simply excited to dive right into the musician’s introspective musings — each time that can be. So live tuned.

BTS' Suga's New Apple Music Picture Has ARMYs Convinced 'Agust D 2' Is Coming
For the beyond week, Big Hit Entertainment has been teasing some thing highly mysterious on Twitter. ARMYs had a sense it had some thing to do with BTS. Sure sufficient, because the countdown nears d-day, the portions are beginning to come together. Since the teaser gave the impression of a silhouette of either Jungkook or Suga, fanatics thought it was a signal one of their mixtapes changed into coming. Now, BTS' Suga's new Apple Music photograph has fanatics convinced Agust D 2 will be here quickly.

It all started on May sixteen when Big Hit shared a darkish photograph with "D-7" written on pinnacle of it. Fans right away idea it was a countdown to a new song release, but if it changed into a BTS assignment, they observed it suspicious Big Hit failed to tease it on the institution's reputable social media channels.

For the following couple of days, Big Hit continued sharing greater snap shots. As the countdown were given closer to Saturday, May 23 — the date teased within the photos — fanatics felt like they might see silhouette within the photograph, and they theorized it became both Jungkook or Suga due to the fact each have showed they're operating on mixtapes.

By Thursday, May 21, even as fanatics had discerned that whoever changed into within the image become maximum-clearly tied up in some way, the jury was still out over who, exactly, became silhouetted. Surprisingly, although, the feasible answer to May 2020's largest BTS thriller got here from a stunning area.

A few hours after you have the today's teaser image from Big Hit, fans located Suga's Agust D profile on Apple Music was updated and his new photo had a similar aesthetic to his "Agust D" tune motion pictures from all of the manner back in 2016.

ARMYs took it as confirmation Suga's second mixtape is approaching May 23. Although Big Hit has yet to affirm the release, lovers are already celebrating on Twitter by means of trending "#AGUSTD2ISCOMING."

In the fourth season of BTS' excursion collection Bon Voyage, Suga stated he worked on his mixtape at some point of their holiday inside the summer of 2019. At the time, he explained he still wished to complete arranging and recording the songs.

Judging from all these new teasers, it seems Suga may have ultimately completed his next solo mission and could be introducing it to the arena soon.