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Friday, May 22, 2020

Download Mp3 Scarface ft Jimin BTS

so in case many people don’t know, Tony Montana (Scarface) is a fictional character from 1983 movie ‘Scarface’, a man who builds a drug empire from start.

Yoongi performed Tony Montana with Jimin live and apparently they’re collabing in a new one, ‘Scarface’!

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May 23, 2020


wait is this legit or did some army just wanna clown us 

bc tony montana is from the movie scarface 

 and if this is legit that means tony montana ft jimin 

"scarface ft Jimin" and "eternal roommates ft Jin" are likely fake guys :(( I wish people would just wait for the release without spreading false information #agustd2 #AGUSTD2ISCOMING

Wait but Tony Montana is from Scarface there’s a scar on his face tony Montana it’s the studio version ft Jimin see he said that wasn’t gonna happen but he said that about Agust D 2 and he lied so please Yoongi please #AGUSTD2ISCOMING