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Monday, May 25, 2020

Watch BTS Episode 6 Break The Silence: Docu-Series EngSub

ollow the 361-day journey from ‘LOVE YOURSELF TOUR’ to ‘SPEAK YOURSELF TOUR’. The docu-series brings a close look into the beautiful and unforgettable moments of BTS and ARMY during yet another phenomenal world tour. The members candidly reveal what holds their lasting bond together for such a long time and what they mean to each other as performers, as friends, and as brothers, on and off the stage.
Break the Silence: Docu-Series
Break the Silence: Docu-Series S1

Break the Silence: Docu-Series S1E6

"One history in one person, One star in one person. 7 billion different worlds, shining with 7 billion lights"
If they only looked forward, they might have not realize those who have been with each other until now, side by side.
Now is when they shine brighter than ever before, for their hearts are together as one, never taking each other for granted.

seeing all the tweets about the new episode of break the silence absolutely makes my heart shatter so much: ((i love them with my whole heart and them talking about letting go and how they struggled at the start of 2018 just shatters my heart so much -

Today's episode in a nutshell and the members ’words taught me:

 - Do your best now, without worrying about the future
 - Try to live your life the way you want it, so as not to wake up one day with regret
 Don't be shy to express your concerns
 Be grateful to the people around you

Break the Silence: Docu-Series Weverse (KR)
Break the Silence: Docu-Series Ep6
Break the Silence: Docu-Series Season 1
Break the Silence: Docu-Series Episode 6
Break the Silence: Docu-Series Season 1 Episode 6
Watch Break the Silence: Docu-Series Season 1 Episode 6 Online
About Break the Silence: Docu-Series
Title : Break the Silence: Docu-Series
Episode Title : Episode 6
Release Date : 21 May 2020
Runtime : 30 minutes
Genres : Documentary , Mini-Series , Reality
Networks : Weverse (KR)
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