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Friday, June 26, 2020


BLACKPINK - How You Like That 
[Lyrics from snippet]

How you like that

[PRESS] BLACKPINK ‘How You Like That’ Global Press Conference!

YG/UMG included HYLT on bp’s site & some people are buying/listening before its release. this shouldn’t happen.

full offense if u have a WORKING brain whether/not its the companies’ fault, u‘d keep it to yourself. DON’T SPREAD LEAKS BEFORE THE INITIAL RELEASE 

it's definitely yge's fault that the song even got leaked in the first place but if you already heard the song please don't go around posting it everywhere because some of us just want to enjoy this comeback with blackpink

oh you leaked the one important song blackpink got after a 14-month hiatus???? oh it’s war honey

Don't ever complain when it's your faves comeback and a blink will leak the album to the whole world. Our fandom never touched your faves during your comeback, while you leaked blackpink's song 2 fvcking times. Don't ever complain on how toxic can blinks be, you're pushing us