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Monday, June 22, 2020

(Live stream) BTS "Your Eyes Tell" 'TBS JAPAN"CDTV Live! Live!

BTS first performance of "Your Eyes Tell" will be aired on July 13th between 3PM-3:57 PM 🇧🇪 on TBS’ CDTV LIVE LIVE.



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Why, are so many tears flowing
Hey, stay by my side and laugh
A future without you is a world without color
Monochrome and cold
Even the darkness [we] see is so beautiful
Please believe me
Looking straight only at you so you don’t go anywhere
Whatever lies in our way
Seeing in a direction far away
The place you gave me is still
My safe place for my heart
Shadows of the past chase me again and again but
As I try shake them loose they tangle and follow me
But I still want it
Wherever you are I’ll find you
To a tomorrow of us

Even if it seems to be the beginning of the end
I’ll call your name
That gaze of yours is so colorful
I’ll give my everything to you
Still unable to verbalize the hopeless dream in my heart
To face the past and the future
How much hope is needed to reach you
It’s a night like that but I’ll keep on thinking
In the city at dusk
To be loved, to love, I’ll become [the] eye
For the adventure that lies ahead
Even the darkness [we’re] watching is so beautiful
Please believe me
Looking straight only at you so you don’t go anywhere
That gaze watching over is so colorful
You taught me
That some day that sadness will weave us together

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It has been decided that the new song "Your eyes tell", which JUNG KOOK was involved in composing, will be shown for the first time in the world on TBS's CDTV Live! Live!
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TBS "CD TV Live! Live!"
Broadcast date and time: Monday, July 13, 22:00-22:57

BTS will be performing ‘Your Eyes Tell’ on TBS’s CDTV!

🗓July 13, 2020


(7.13 @ 3am HT / 6am PT / 7am MT / 8am CT / 9am ET)

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Update the official Japanese BTS account:
They will perform "Your Eyes Tell" from their Japanese album, which was produced / written by Jungkook during CDTV live broadcast on July 13 at 10:00 pm - 10:57 pm JST (4:00 - 4:57 pm Saudi time).
News The song written and written by Jungkook 'Your Eyes Tell' will be performed on the same CDTV program on July 13th, the day before the album's release.

'Your eyes tell' by BTS (Jungkook composed) has been selected as the theme song for the Japan movie [きみの瞳が問いかけている (Your eyes are asking)] a love story