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Friday, June 26, 2020


Stay Gold’ MV will be released at 18:00, June 26 JST/KST on Big Hit Labels’ YouTube channel. From a minute before the release, there will be a special video by which you can count down with BTS’ members. This is the only chance to see the special video, so check it out.

So it means that right before the MV release (1 minutes), they will also release a special video of BTS so that we can do the count down for a minute till the release of MV

always keep in mind that a JAPANESE comeback is an OFFICIAL comeback! STREAM, STREAM, and STREAM STAY GOLD and STAY GOLD MV!

It has been reported that "Stay Gold" MV will be premiered on Big Hit Labels channel on YouTube with a special countdown clip from 

Time: 6PM KST/ 5AM ET/ 2AM PT/ 11AM CET

Let's get ready to stream the MV hard ARMY 

Tips for streaming on YouTube:

while STAY GOLD MV is not released yet, make sure to STREAM STAY GOLD on SPOTIFY or APPLE MUSIC, always STREAM ON and BLACK SWAN MV, and remember to VOTE BTS on CHOEAEDOL for SORIBADA!

before the release of Stay gold [on Bighit label channel] bighit will play at 5:59PM KST a special BTS
 countdown clip that will ONLY be available during the premiere and wont be uploaded after

seems like Stay Gold MV will be released on the Bighit Labels Channel and not the UMJ channel! There’s also going to be special footage from the members aired during the 1 minute premiere countdown.