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Thursday, July 16, 2020


Broadcast July 25-26, 2020 9PM KST

‘26th Dream Concert CONNECT:D’ Lineup: EXO-SC MAMAMOO Red Velvet – IRENE & SEULGI Lovelyz OH MY GIRL ASTRO WJSN Ha Sungwoon Golden Child Weki Meki Jeong Sewoon THE BOYZ Stray Kids South Club ONEUS ITZY Kim Jaehwan AB6IX CIX Rocket Punch CRAVITY

 dream concert broadcast for free on 25 and 26 for free
it 9pm

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[라이브-한국어] 제26회 드림콘서트 | CONNECT:D 1일차 (DAY1)

[LIVE] 제26회 드림콘서트 | CONNECT:D  1일차 (DAY1)

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Technologies such as AR, VR, 4K UHD as well as the world’s first EX 3D Sound will be utilized during the ‘26th Dream Concert CONNECT:D’ to bring a more immersive experience of the concert to fans’ home.

The tickets to the concert will be available for purchase on YouTube and each two-day ticket pass will be priced at 5,500KRW (approx. 4.60USD).

So must we like pay for dream concert ?

I knew you had to pay for it (Cos I saw the Join button on The K-pop channel before) lols.

#AB6IX & #CIX attending Dream Concert
To view, Join "The K-pop" Youtube Channel
5USD/month from 17/7 11am KST
- Conert
- Red Carpet
- Online Fm
- Fancams

Where I have to pay to watch the Dream Concert "CONNECT:D"?

Dream Concert membership will be available on July 17th~ It will be on their YouTube channel

What to expect
K-pop has made a name for itself owing to everything from its top-notch vocals and highly synchronized dancing to its high fashion and remarkable stages. Fans can expect to see all that and more at 'CONNECT:D'. Additionally, the virtual iteration of the festival is being assisted by VR and EX-3D sound technology along with multi-cams as a way for the organizers to make the performances feel as close to a real concert as possible.

Most importantly, the decision to take the concert online stemmed from KEPA recognizing how much these joint concerts mean to fans, particularly during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and they have shared their hope that 'CONNECT:D' will help viewers find hope and courage during these trying times. So be sure to tune in and be ready to party along with your favorite K-pop idols.

The 2-day pass which allows fans to watch both days of the concert will cost 5,500 won (approximately $4.6). Further details about purchasing will be listed on The K-POP's YouTube Channel.

Where to watch
The show will be streamed via the YouTube Channel, The K-POP, a one-stop-shop for live K-pop streaming that runs 24/7. The lineup for Dream Concert as well as video messages from all participating acts can be viewed via The K-POP's Twitter account.

Ticket: 'The K-POP' / Day 1 / Day 2
WebSite : http://dreamconcert.kr/main-eng.php?language=eng