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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

(LiveStream)TWICE Online Concert "Beyond LIVE - TWICE : World In A Day":

TWICE Online Concert "Beyond LIVE - TWICE: World In A Day": Ticket Details

There are numerous number of K-Pop concerts and fanmeeting being held online because of the world wide pandemic. However, none of this is going to stop K-Pop lovers from enjoying music and performances from their favorite groups!

TWICE will be having their online concert in August and many fans, ONCE, are glad to hear the good news!

If you are interested to find out how to get the ticket, make sure to check out the details below!


Date: Aug. 9, Sunday, 3 PM KST

Tickets for the virtual Twice concert sale on VLive began at Beyond LIVE on August 9!

Single ticket price for Twice 'virtual Twice concert on August 9th:

29.33 USD

When you purchase virtual concert tickets, you will get a discount for some Twice products at Yes24!

You can buy the collection now with 50% discount if you buy a World in A Day concert ticket (from yes24)

Once ~ If you want to buy additional products, you must purchase the concert ticket from yes24 with the product you want!

As for purchasing the ticket from VLive, it will be for the party only