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Thursday, August 27, 2020

[BTS] In the SOOP Ep.3 [ENG/SUB] Docu-Series

In the SOOP BTS ver. - Season 1 Episode 3 : Episode 3
In the SOOP BTS ver. - Season 1 Episode 3 : Episode 3HD

A time of freedom and healing in a place for BTS, and BTS only.

Title : In the SOOP BTS ver.
First Air Date : 03-09-2020

Last Air Date : 03-09-2020

Number of Episodes : 8
Number of Seasons : 1
Genres : Reality
Networks : JTBC, Weverse
Casts : Kim Nam-joon, Kim Seok-jin, Min Yoon-gi, Jung Ho-seok, Park Ji-min, Kim Tae-hyung, Jeon Jung-kook

BTS this journey of all of you is going to be very good and beautiful in this forest..

and yess we armys are going to take a lot of good experience by looking at the journey of all of you .

BTS is coming In The Soop EP 3

Steps to run the second episode 3

1 - Download the video player that appears in front of you

2 - Wait a minute and the entire episode will be played subtitled

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EP 3

'In the SOOP BTS ver.' Exclusive VOD Available for Purchase Viewing agenda updated

Title : In the SOOP BTS ver.
Episode Title : Episode .
Number of Seasons : 1
Number of Episodes : 3
Released Date : Today
Genres : Reality
Networks : JTBC, Weverse
Casts : Kim Nam-joon, Kim Seok-jin, Min Yoon-gi, Jung Ho-seok, Park Ji-min, Kim Tae-hyung, Jeon Jung-kook
Status: Returning Series
Quality: HD
Rating: 10
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Thanks for watching guys!! Smiling a little better a big laugh.! Have a nice day :)
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In the Soop episodes will also be broadcast on a cable Korean channel, JTBC.

The episodes begin releasing from eight/19 at 11PM on TV.

There will be eight episodes in overall.

Episodes will be round 60 minutes. Episodes launch every Wednesday at 11PM KST.

The predominant distinction among weverse and JTBC is weverse has more content, like behinds and each episode is 20 mins longer than the TV version!

In the Soop BTS ver. May be available to be pre-ordered on Weverse Shop.

The episodes start releasing from 8/27 at 12AM.

There could be 16 episodes in overall, most probable 8 episodes and 8 behinds.

Episodes could be around 80 mins.

Behinds might be around 10 mins.

Episodes release each Thursday at 12AM KST.

Behinds launch each Tuesday at 9PM KST.

New Update: Episode 2 is 1 hour and 13 minutes and 29 seconds