Friday, August 21, 2020


It looks like a lot of reporters are tweeting from BTS #Dynamite's press conference tonight, so I'm exclusively sticking to vital updates like the number exposed forehead, who won't stop messing with their pen, Biggest Hand Talker, and Fuzziest Sweater Award 

will mostly be focusing on sweater content but pls let me know if you're in need of any other updates in this vein of interest

 ARMYs, it's good to know that you have someone in your corner! While the #BTSDynamite press conference isn't open to the public, there are definitely people who will be tweeting who will take care of all of your need-to-know information!

Update : 

-i did not get to submit a question, unfortunately. (i asked!) 
-i cannot and will not stream or post screenshots of the presser bc ethics
-i will tweet in this thread once the presser starts. feel free to mute if you don’t care!
-happy comeback, and have fun!
intros: tae is wearing a lovely black ruffly black suit. yoongi in a light down button down with open sleeves. jin and jungkook in more conventional black suits. namjoon + jimin in white button down suits with thin stripes. hobi in a magnificent ruffly pinstripe button down

RM: we've been doing a lot of things. we've been sharing how we're doing through bangtan TV and we've been working on our new songs on the album we're going to release the second half of this year. we've been spending time doing our hobbies. we also held bangbangcon in june.

jimin: while working on this new album we came across this song dynamite. it wasn't in our plan, but we decided to release it as a digital single first.

suga: dynamite is disco-pop with a bright and cheery vibe. i'm sure many people can dance to it. and it's very fun!