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Sunday, August 09, 2020

(LiveStream) SBS inkigayo 9 August TREASURE

TREASURE To Perform Debut Track'BOY' On Inkigayo On August 9
TREASURE will have their first music show performance on SBS Inkigayo on August 9
TREASURE to have their first debut stage on SBS Inkigayo on August 9th with their title track "BOY"

TREASURE will make their debut tomorrow on August 7th

[OSEN=Reporter Ji Min-kyung] YG's big rookie TREASURE has confirmed the stage for the first music broadcast on their debut and accelerated their attack on the global market.

According to YG Entertainment, Treasure will appear on SBS'Inkigayo', which will be broadcast on the 9th, and decorate the stage of the title song'BOY' of the first single album.

Treasure is a large rookie and first 12-member boy group that YG announces 4 years after Black Pink. As they are attracting attention as the most anticipated new K-pop this year, their debut stage is attracting great attention.

Treasure's debut title song'BOY' is an attractive song with a strong beat and addictive sound. The synth sound that raises tension, heavy bass, and drums harmonize with the listeners' excitement.

Some sections of the melody exposed in the previously released music video teaser and choreography trailer video have already caught the ears of fans. Here, a group dance of 12 people exploding in'Tin Crush' and a splendid performance were predicted, and the expectations of fans for the euphemism reached their peak.

The short but impactful title of'BOY' has improved the musical perfection of the talented producers R.Tee, Se.A, CHOICE37, and HAE under YG The Black Label. In addition, Treasure members Choi Hyun-seok and Haruto added meaning by directly participating in rap making.

Treasure's first single album is'THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE'. It is an intuitive album name that means Treasure's'first step', and it makes us guess that it is the beginning of an endless story to unfold.

Treasure is releasing the music video for the entire song of their debut single album'THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE' and the title song'BOY' on August 7th at 6 pm. At 4 pm on the 7th, two hours before the release of the sound source, the fans first meet with the debut countdown V live broadcast.