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Tuesday, August 04, 2020

(LiveStream) TWICE Online Concert "Beyond LIVE - TWICE : World In A Day vlive

TWICE Online Concert "Beyond LIVE - TWICE : World In A Day" Live Stream And Ticket Details

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There are numerous range of K-Pop concert events and fanmeeting being held on-line due to the world extensive pandemic. However, none of that is going to prevent K-Pop fans from playing tune and performances from their favourite agencies!

TWICE might be having their on-line live performance in August and many lovers, ONCE, are happy to hear the good news!

If you are interested to find out the way to get the price tag, make sure to check out the details underneath!


Date: Aug. 9, Sunday, three PM KST

Ticket: Link

TWICE to hold online live performance next month through Beyond Live platform
K-pop act TWICE will maintain an online concert for its worldwide enthusiasts subsequent month the usage of the Beyond Live platform owned with the aid of SM Entertainment and Naver, the organization's employer stated Friday.

The digital concert, "Beyond Live - TWICE: World In A Day," might be held Aug. Nine on Beyond Live, a streaming concert platform created in partnership among SM Entertainment and Naver, South Korea's No. 1 net portal, in step with JYP Entertainment.

The 9-piece woman institution may be the primary non-SM act to maintain a live performance on Beyond Live.

The new platform, which utilizes the trendy augmented truth era and lets in actual-time artists-to-target market interaction, made its debut in April through the digital concert via SM assignment boy band SuperM.

Overseas tour boundaries and restrictions on public gatherings because of COVID-19 have hampered South Korea's growing entertainment enterprise, led by the K-pop scene. But the pandemic-driven handicap additionally supplied a golden opportunity, compelling K-pop stars, along with SuperM and BTS, and talent companies to assignment into the world of ticketed on-line indicates.

"With the a success world tour ultimate 12 months, TWICE has shaped a solid international fanbase," JYP said in a declaration.

TWICE will expand its sports to the virtual area in step with the trend of the K-pop enterprise going on line to have interaction with enthusiasts at home and overseas, the agency introduced. (Yonhap)

Why does TWICE have to partner up with SM Entertainment for their online concert?
SM's beyond live is using advance technologies, meaning stage backgrounds, 3d effects and more are available and usable in it. Right now, JYP, which is Twice's company, doesn't have that kind of thing. And as one of the most famous and top groups at the moment, it would be a shame if JYP will use a normal stage, don't you think? I also commend them for doing that and thinking about working with SM about this concert because I already know the effects and all would be even more awesome, making the concert more enjoyable.

If you've seen another online concert, you'll know what I mean with “normal stages". I'm happy to watch them but the background, lightings and all are just unsatisfying. The connection even got cut for a while lol

I hope everything will go smoothly for Twice though. I'm really excited for this.

Anw, you can check beyond live if you want a better understanding of what I mean here

Why do Twice members wear tomboy outfits in the 'World In A Day' online concert poster?

Outfit choices are usually decided based on the concept/theme. It’s probably the same reason in this case. It’s also very likely since they usually go for the more “cute” style and want to try something new.

[Exclusive] Twice confirms comeback in October..K-POP strongest girl group returns for 4 months
[Reporter Baek Ji-eun of Sports Chosun] Twice's comeback in October.

According to a plurality of officials, Twice confirmed the comeback in October and began preparing. TWICE's comeback is only four months after the mini 9th album'MORE & MORE' released on June 1st.

TWICE is the strongest girl group of K-POP. Those who debuted in 2015 with'Elegant (OOH-AHH)','Cheer-up','TT','Raiki','What is Love?' He showed off his mighty power by hitting all the songs he announced. All of the music videos for the title track of the activity have more than 200 million views on YouTube, and as a girl group, they rarely show remarkable performance in music sales.

'More and More' exceeded 500,000 pieces of pre-order quantity and received hot attention even before the official release, and recorded the cumulative sales amount of 563,000 sheets on the Gaon chart in July, breaking the highest sales in the girl group history. As a result, Twice achieved a cumulative sales of 5.26 million domestic sales from its debut album'The Story Biggins' to'More and More' announced in October 2015. In addition, even after the end of the'More and More' activity, it won the 1st trophy in a row and achieved the 1st place in the group's 106th music broadcast, breaking the record of the 1st largest music group in the girl group.

It was also popular abroad. 'More and More' ranked No. 1 on the Oricon weekly album chart and achieved 6th overall. In addition, since the debut on the American Billboard main album chart'Billboard 200', it has also enjoyed the first entry.

As such, Twice has been showing unprecedented growth since its debut, and is showing strong power as the strongest girl group in K-POP. As such, there are good expectations about what kind of music and which stage they will entertain fans in October.