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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Episode 5 BTS In The Soop (ENGSUB) Full Episodes Ep 5

Episode 5 | BTS In The SOOP EP.5 [ENGSUB] “Full’Episodes”

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BTS returns to #In_the_SOOP with bunch of things for their stay!
What will await for the members in this place that feels just like home?

80-minute EP. 5 begins now on #Weverse!

Taehyung said 

"I don't have to think about anything, also I can space out.. I think this Canoe is much better than I expected.. it's really great healing, I didn't expect this at all.. 'BTS In the Soop' is a really great show!"

In the SOOP BTS Ver. Ep 5 Promo: RM, Jin and Jimin go rowing together; Jungkook cutely apologises to a fish
In the SOOP BTS Ver. Ep 5's promo sees the boys return to Lake 192 after heading back home to finish some prior work commitments. While Jimin forgets to bring his luggage, V indulges in "some serious relaxation." Watch the fun promo below.
At the end of In the SOOP BTS ver. Ep 4, we see the boys leave Lake 192 after spending three relaxing days because they had some prior work commitments to complete. Moreover, RM left a few hours earlier than the other members due to personal reasons. While ARMY was a bit confused, it was clarified that they would be returning back for four more days and already started planning on what to cook even before leaving. Moreover, Ep 5's promo shows us what the boys are up to during their second round at the healing trip.

It starts off with V and J-Hope heading to Lake 192 in their car as they start the day off with some sandwiches and gimbap. "It's like we're going on a vacation to Gangwon Province," RM quips while in the backseat of another car. We then see Jimin telling Hobi and Taehyung that he didn't load his luggage confessing he left it at home accidentally. "I had a lot of thoughts in my head, but my head cleared up here," Suga ponders while cooking and Jin playfully jokes during lunchtime, "It feels like I live here now."

Back to their childish antics, we see Jin chasing ChimChim around the green lawn with both laughing their hearts out as Yoongi looks on. We shift to Namjoon, Jin and Baby Mochi rowing together as Namjin yell at Jimin to reach his arms out as the Filter singer tries to grab something that has fallen. "This is some serious relaxation," V notes as he sits on a rowboat by himself just taking in the breathtaking scenery surrounding him. We'd also like to point out that Suga's black oversized v-neck tee and matching pants attire and Taehyung's long-sleeved yellow tee with dark blue shorts look, while both sport the messy hairdo, is making us go weak in the knees.

On the other hand, Jungkook takes over cooking duties as he cutely apologises to a fish. However, just like Jin, Kookie too has troubles with cutting the fish properly for cooking. "Why? Did it go badly," The Golden Maknae's eldest hyung asks him as Jungkook eats and looks at him with an adorable expression. The promo ends with the boys having dinner in the tarp with Jimin saying, "Thank you for the food," while RM ecstatically concludes, "Let's eat."

[In the SOOP BTS편]

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[In the SOOP BTS Ver.]

Available globally and exclusively on Weverse
- In the SOOP: 12 AM every Thursday (approx. 80 min)

- Behind-the-scenes: 9 PM every Tuesday (approx. 10 min)

In The Soop episode 5: Release date, time and BTS behind-the-scenes explained
In The Soop episode 5 release date…
Episode 5 of ‘In The Soop’ will be released on Wednesday, September 9 on JTBC and on Thursday, September 10 on Weverse.
Note: This is based on the available information at the time of writing, if this date changes this article will be updated.
In The Soop episode 5 release time…
‘In The Soop’ episode 5 will premiere at 11 PM Korea Time on JTBC on Wednesday, September 16 and at 12 AM on Weverse on Thursday, September 17.
For international audiences, episode 5 will be released on Weberse at the following times:

Pacific Time: 8 AM
Central Time: 10 AM
Eastern Time: 11 AM
British Time: 4 PM

In the SOOP BTS ver. Ep 4 Promo: J Hope to take sweet revenge from Jin for latter's Bon Voyage Season 4 prank
In next week's episode of In the SOOP BTS ver., we'll see J-Hope getting some sweet revenge from Jin after the latter left him at a gas station in New Zealand last year on Bon Voyage Season 5 as a prank. Check out Ep 5's promo below.
BTS ARMY definitely remembers that memorable episode from Bon Voyage Season 5 in New Zealand, when Jin pranked J-Hope by convincing everyone to jokingly leave him alone at a gas station making it look like they forgot about him. When Hobi came out of the store to find the members missing, he started to panic and called them only to find out it was a prank. A year later, the Chicken Noodle Soup rapper gets to take sweet revenge on the eldest member of BTS.

In the promo for In the SOOP BTS ver., we see the boys pack up, heading for their cars and as Jin was still inside, J-Hope starts to scheme a counter prank asking others if they should leave Jin. Jimin and Jungkook happily agree and excitedly run to the cars with their luggage. Then, we see Jin laughing as he calls out for Suga locked out of the three cars exclaiming, "Hey! Yoongi! Hey! Seems like I'll be jogging all the way home." Moreover, we also see the Seok duo going for a morning run at the start of the promo while Yoongi and V have their own troubles with cooking.

During lunchtime, Jimin compliments Yoongi's cooking saying, "It tastes great," to which RM adds, "That's because it was cooked with love." We also see glimpses of Kookie, ChimChim and Suga packing and taking out their luggage.

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