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Wednesday, September 02, 2020


Update ..

11:41 AM 


Today I think I'm going to set down any worries, concerns. I just want to be happy. I just want to cheer for us, and I hope that everyone can smile and laugh just for today, even if just for today. 

[the other boys are smiling and laughing]

11:40 AM 


That really amplifies the joy that I have now and I feel like I have received some kind of award or certificate, and it makes me really happy.

11:39 AM 


By being able to say that, these have become cherished memories, and fun memories, and all of the difficulties that we had to go through, practicing as trainees, practicing, training, all of these are now pleasant memories and sweet memories.

11:37 AM 


And comparing these memories and this achievement now, I didn't realize when my dad said ah, things like that happen. I was angry. But now I feel like these are the kinds of things that happen.

11:35 AM 


When I came up to Seoul from the provinces, I don't know why this stayed with me so much. But it was me and my dad, we took a cab, we were actually cheated by the taxi driver. It was a tunnel. We were at the station. We had to go to [name of station]. And we went through three tunnels. I didn't realize that we had to go through three tunnels to reach this. So these are the memories that still stayed with me about when we were starting out.

11:33 AM 


Now BTS, I think, I didn't think that BTS would be in such spotlight, such limelight, by the global audience. We came to Seoul together all from the provinces with nothing.


We had a very small practice studio in a basement. It was just the 7 of us, practicing together, working together, and these memories are very fresh in my mind.

11:32 AM 


It was really great for me I think. The Billboard charts [are] something that was really familiar to me. I listened to the songs on the charts from when I was very little, so I have to thank all of our ARMY, our fans, that made all of this possible.

11:31 AM 


...a dream that we have reached this goal. And the fact that we have accomplished this. There was this surge of thrill and excitement that we have reached this goal. When we learned this news, I actually pinched myself to see if this was real.

11:30 AM 


I'm still having a hard time grasping that this is real. We talked a lot about our goals, and we often said No. 1 on the Hot 100. It was something we would like to have. It became a goal. It's not like we worked hard and stroke to reach this goal, but it feels like...

11:28 AM 


This is a song that we made because we wanted to enjoy it together with our fans and the fact that we were able to achieve this really made us happy. This is really all thanks to our fans. Thank you so much.

11:27 AM 


...I thought this is real. I realized that this is a real screenshot, this was real. And I went onto Weverse and I kept writing a message. I kept erasing it. I was thinking about how I can express these feelings to my fans.


The only thing that I can say is BTS and with ARMY, this is something that we achieved together. And that's what I wrote for us and to our fans.

11:26 AM 


When I saw the news, we have our chatroom, Namjoon, RM posted a picture about 10-20 minutes before the wide release. And Namjoon said this is a doctored picture, this is a fake picture. And 10-20 minutes [later], he posted the same picture once again...

11:24 AM 


...and in my entire lifetime. It was actually my birthday yesterday, a couple days ago. It felt like a really huge bday present. I'm glad I was born and I want to say thank you once again to my mom and dad and to also ARMY. Love you so much.

11:22 AM 


It's really our ARMY who has helped us reach this milestone and make this achievement. I want to say thank to all of our ARMY and also to the other members. I am so thankful that I was able to meet these great people, this great company, this great staff, and ARMY.


All of these good things, positive vibes, came together and enabled this achievement to become a reality. I'm so thankful to all the other members and I feel like this, how should I say, being able to be part of such a milestone, is a great honor for me...

11:21 AM 


I heard the news a little bit later when I checked the news—learned that we had reached the top of the chart. I wasn't sure if this webpage I was looking at was real. I think I was just out of it for a little bit.

11:20 AM 


I think my contribution to this accomplishment is very small. It's really the ARMY, the other members here, all our staff, the songwriters, members of the press, I think this was an achievement made possible by all of these contributions.

11:15 AM 


I never thought we would have this type of conference, even say these kinds of things. I was waiting all night. I was the first to receive this news. We had a lot of other things happening that day. We had some practice.


So when we have these things, I can't really sleep. So, I thought, now that I've checked this, now that I know this, I should go to sleep. It was kind of—I can't remember the saying right now, but there's a Korean saying...


...when you're shocked after seeing the lid of a cauldron, you're shocked when you see a turtle, or something like that. I just went to sleep, because I thought, I wanted to, I didn't want to over-excite myself.


I thought a lot about our past, eating together or being scolded together in the practice studio [he smiles here]. Being in the recording studio, talking to each other. I wanted to preserve my emotions.

11:14 AM 

-Jimin is thanking the Big Hit staff and wants to repay. 

RM: I was waiting all night. I was first to rcv news (about #1). We had a full day of practice. I wanted to go to sleep. I didn't want to overexcite myself. I thought about our past recording and practicing together.


...each other for this entire process. We're so thankful to the fans. We're thankful to Bang PD, to all our BigHit staff and our family. I think we're just really thankful.


The only thing I can really say at this point is thank you, and we will try to repay all the love that you've shown us.

11:10 AM 


Yesterday we were so happy, so thrilled, I think we calmed down a little bit because we were just going berserk because we were so happy. Now I think we sort of calmed down a little bit. This is something we never really imagined would happen.


We felt that it was something we would like to do, something that we wanted to, and look forward to. It's something that the fans were also looking forward to just as we were. This is something that I think we wanted to experience at least once.


Now that we are here, it still doesn't feel like reality. We were so happy and I really wasn't sure what I need to think, how I need to feel. I think just the thought of all the other members. I was really thankful to the members who have been—we were all beside...

11:07 AM 


We started this because we love music, because we love dancing. I'm very happy and excited that our sincerity was able to reach out and resonate with no many people. I think it's such an honor, both for us and the fans.


[It was] the encouragement and the energy that we received from our fans that drove us, that allowed us to keep going. And I think that is what allowed today's BTS to become who we are and for J-Hope to become who I am.


So we would like to thank all the fans for this honor.

11:04 AM 

They're all just introducing themselves. So let me tell you what they are wearing: 

V: tie and brown vest w/ white shirt 
Suga: White shirt black vest 
Jin: Brown sweater
JK: Light brown cookie colored suit
RM: Gray suit 
Jimin: Chocolate colored suit 
Jhope: Dark blue/navy suit

Congrats BTS! 

JH: BTS reaching no. 1 on the hot 100, we never imagined it. It still feels like a dream. I don't know if this is reality, I am still shaking, I am still excited. We started this bc we love music, bc we love dancing, I am very happy and excited that our sincerity

JH: (cont): resonated.... the energy we received from our fans allowed us to keep going. I think that is what allowed today's BTS to become who we are and for Jhope to become who I am, so we would like to thank all the fans for this honor.

11:03 AM 

They're doing intros and saying hello to the press, happy they can follow up their Dynamite release press conference with another one for this happy occasion

Suga: Preparing for Dynamite was really fun. Thank you press for all the attn.
Jin: I'm very happy to be able to have these great results. Asking for cont. interest

Taehyung: hello this is V and Kim taehyung of bts we’ve had our press conference for the release of the single and now we are here again with such great news

Yoongi: missed the opening but he thanked media for the attention they have shown

Jin: thanks ARMY and press and asked for people to continue to support them

11:02 AM 
The members will each comment about reaching No. 1 and then there will be media questions. 

Press photos will be sent out before the end of the conference.

11 AM - The event has started. The boys are sitting down with DYNAMITE in big letters behind them on a black wall.

10:59 AM - The surprise media event celebrating the success of "Dynamite" is beginning soon! BTS members will be sharing their thoughts and reactions about topping the Billboard chart. Stay tuned in our thread to get live updates.
10:59 AM - The BTS online global media day starts in a few minutes. I'll be live-tweeting this press-only event in this thread. Follow along for updates!

I will be attending tonight's global press conference for #BTS_Dynamite! Expect a big tweet thread starting at around 10PM ET!

(I LOVE that so many reporters in my feed got access to this one!)

For those asking: Unfortunately, the event is press only and we can't record or take screenshots. But I'll be tweeting (with text) as much information as my fingers will allow me.

"I would like to tell you my impressions of the number 1 Billboard"... Bulletproof Boy Scouts held a media day on the 2nd (official)
[Joy News 24 Reporter Jung Ji-won] Group Bulletproof Boy Scouts hold an online media day and share their impressions of being ranked No. 1 on the US Billboard'Hot 100' chart.

According to Big Hit Entertainment, BTS will hold an online Global Media Day on the morning of the 2nd.

This Media Day was created to commemorate the #1 spot on the Billboard'Hot 100' chart of BTS' new song'Dynamite' (dynamite).

At this event, BTS is the first Korean singer to share their feelings and comments, as well as their gratitude toward fans and plans for the future.

This event will be held online to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

On the other hand, Billboard posted an article titled "BTS, their first Billboard'Hot 100' Summit' as'Dynamite'" on the official website on the 31st (hereafter local time), and announced the news of BTS's'Hot 100' 1st place. Informed.

This is the first time that BTS has reached No. 1 on the'Hot 100' chart. It is also the first time that a Korean singer has been ranked first. The previous record was second place for 7 consecutive weeks in the'Hot 100' set by Psy'Gangnam Style' in 2012.