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Thursday, September 10, 2020

(LiveStream) 47th korean broadcasting awards BTS MBC

Announcement of the winners of the 47th'Korea Broadcasting Awards', BTS → Kang Haneul (official position)
[News Reporter Kim Myung-mi]

BTS has won the Singer Award for the 47th Korean Broadcasting Awards; the awards ceremony will be broadcasted on MBC and BTS’s acceptance speech video will be played!

๐Ÿ—“September 10, 2020 KST
๐Ÿ•›2:50pm KST
๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ9.9 @ 7:50pm HT / 10:50pm PT / 11:50pm MT
๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ9.10 @ 12:50am CT / 1:50am ET

The 47th Korean Broadcasting Awards, organized by the Korean Broadcasters Association, has announced its winners. 
BTS won the Artist Award by unanimous decision, and a video acceptance speech will be delivered during the ceremony, which is to be aired on MBC on September 10.

The Korea Broadcasting Association (Chairman Seong-Je Park, hereinafter the Broadcasting Association) announced the winners and works of the 47th Korea Broadcasting Awards.

The Korea Broadcasting Association announced on August 14 that it selected 25 of the 59 works for the original review and selected 19 winners for the personal award.

Among the titles to be admitted,'SBS 8 News-Suspicion of lobbying by Blue House officials related to the lime crisis', etc. Humans', CBS'Loneliness for 75 Years of Korean War Criminals', and KNN's'Island Village Grandma' have been named as winners.

'When Camellia Flower Blooms' and SBS'Stove League', which announced the resurgence of terrestrial dramas, competed fiercely in their original heart, and were decided to be'When Camellia Blooms' due to a slight difference. The Best Drama Awards, Actor Awards, and Writers Awards were awarded three crowns, proving it was the best drama last year.

KBS'Current Affairs Planning Window''Mijeong' was selected in the current affairs category, and SBS'SBS Special-Yohan, Sidol, Yonghyun, who were everywhere and nowhere,' in the social and public interest category, were selected with favorable reviews at the preliminary trial, and KBS' Documentary in the documentary category. 'Insight''Modern Korea' and SBS'Plaza of Taste' in the entertainment variety category were also listed on the award list.

Awards in the regional documentary TV category were awarded by Daegu MBC's'Island of Conservatives' and Gwangju MBC's 5.18 special feature'Without a Name'. The stories of the two cities were selected side by side to fit the meaning of Daegu and Gwangju in modern history. KNN showed off its production capabilities and produced three films as award-winning films, including the local news report'Population is a person', a local documentary Radio,'The Song of the Wilderness Shouted with Hot Blood, Rhapsody of the Independence Army', and'Island Village Grandma'. I had joy.

For the personal award, 75 broadcasters who were recommended by the broadcaster were selected as the final winners after a genuine review. Song Hae, the oldest MC in Korea, who delivered a lot of laughter and excitement by leading KBS'National Singing Competition' for over 40 years since 1980, was awarded the Achievement Award. It was selected as a winner of the Host Award.

World Star Bulletproof Boy Scouts (BTS) won the Singer Award without any controversy, and Kang Haneul, who warmly moistened viewers' emotions in'When Camellia Blooms', won the acting award, and Pengsoo, who came from Antarctica dreaming of becoming a star creator, Through'Giant Peng TV', he achieved a star's dream by raising an entertainment impression with his unique talent and talent.

The'Korea Broadcasting Awards', which was held in 1973 to commemorate the Broadcasting Day and celebrates its 47th this year, is an awards ceremony to promote broadcast programs that gave viewers joy and excitement, and to praise the efforts of broadcasters to inspire creativity.

Meanwhile, the Korea Broadcasting Association canceled the '57th Broadcasting Day Celebration', which was scheduled to be held on September 2 in commemoration of the Broadcasting Day, in order to participate in the pan-national movement to overcome Corona 19, and the 47th Korean Broadcasting Awards ceremony was also held non-face-to-face. do. The awards ceremony is scheduled to be recorded and broadcast through MBC on September 10th, and the grand prize of glory will be announced through the awards ceremony broadcast. At the awards ceremony, BTS, Kang Haneul, and Pengsu's video awards will be revealed, and girl group ITZY (Yes)'s opening performance and The Boyz and Jung In's congratulatory performance are scheduled.