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Watch: “I-LAND” Contestants Gear Up For Live Broadcast Finale + BTS And TXT To Appear
Mnet’s “I-LAND” will air its final episode next week!

On the September 11 episode of “I-LAND,” the contestants performed “Chamber 5 (Dream of Dreams)” and “Flame On” as a part of their 1/3 idea test. At the stop, Hanbin was eliminated from the show.

In the preview for subsequent week, Hanbin leaves the “I-LAND” dorm and says good-bye to his fellow trainees. Through the voice-over, he says, “I made loads of satisfied reminiscences working towards with my buddies on ‘I-LAND.’ All of us are dreaming of turning into idols. Singing, dancing, and performing together each day – that changed into my dream. ‘I-LAND’ changed into the primary time I stood on level and I assume I will do not forget it for a long term.”

In the emotional farewell with the alternative trainees, he says, “I actually such as you all and I honestly wanted us to debut together.” He also thank you the lovers for supporting him and asks them to wait for his destiny debut. He concludes, “The most memorable time in my lifestyles became ‘I-LAND.'”

The preview then shifts to next week’s episode, in an effort to be broadcast stay. Each of the remaining nine contestants shares their dedication as they head in the direction of their long-awaited debut. At the end, along side the banners that suggest that seven members might be selected for the new boy institution, it is revealed that BTS and TXT will be making an look in the finale.

The very last episode of “I-LAND” will air live on September 18 at 8 p.M. KST.

Over 20 young male K-pop trainees, born among 1997 and 2008, try and emerge as the most up to date new thing in global pop tune.

The trainee institution has been operating towards its big moment for some 365 days, with contestants selected at a series of auditions held all around the international in 2019.

The prize could not be more desirable: The new boyband’s govt producer may be Bang Si Hyuk, the co-CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, and the mastermind songwriter and producer who helped bring together worldwide chart-topping organization BTS.

Bang Si Hyuk is the general producer overseeing the motion. And he is likewise joined by way of some of superstar manufacturers: K-pop A-listers Zico of Block B and solo famous person Rain.

Together, the manufacturers must assist the trainees hone their abilities as the sphere narrows down and the opposition to look who will make the very last reduce intensifies.

Stars might be born. Dreams might be made – and a few could be shattered…

Namgoong Min is the MC who will assist put the trainees thru their paces.

“I-LAND” is a 2020 South Korean truth TV display that became produced through Kim Shin Young.

I-Land (Korean: 아이랜드; RR: Airaendeu; stylized in all caps) is a South Korean survival reality display organised with the aid of Belift Lab (BELIF+), which is a joint assignment between the entertainment corporations CJ E&M and Big Hit Entertainment[2].

On May 14, 2020, Mnet releases the primary teaser video for the display and additionally brought the manufacturers and mentors of the show.[3]

On June 1, 2020, the first batch of the contestants had been discovered.[4]

On June 26, 2020, the display premiered on following cable channels: Mnet; tvN Korea; Mnet Japan; tvN Asia (Asia-Pacific); in addition to online thru Mnet Smart; AbemaTV (Japan); Joox (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand); on the Mnet K-POP & Big Hit Labels YouTube channels and Rakuten Viki (international except positive regions).

The first part of the display ended on July 31, 2020. The second part of the display started on August 14 until September 18, 2020.

A unique episode titled, "I-LAND Special: The New Beginning" aired on August 7, 2020 proposing Hwang Kwanghee, Apink's Kim Nam-joo, Momoland's JooE, vocal teach Kim Sung-eun and DOOBU as hosts. It is a precis episode of the 1st part of the show. The hosts spoiled information about the 2nd part of the display together with increased participation of worldwide viewers, extra performances, and a unique look of BTS. [5]

BTS and TXT are set to seem at the last episode that will be broadcast stay with an in advance time slot, at 8PM KST.[

 individuals are transported to a complex (known as via the identical name because the display title, the I-Land) positioned in the center of nowhere surrounded by means of a luscious inexperienced wooded area, for a total of 113 days.[7] The members will stay in a three-floor complex with current living areas, health club, dance studios, item room (for storage), and character practice rooms; however, best 12 contestants can stay there. The closing 11 will be at the “Ground”, that is a easy constructing with a dance studio and eating area, and the trainees assigned to the Ground should shuttle to and from the constructing each day at set times. The  sections are connected via a gate and a stage, where their capabilities may be examined. A key part of the concept is that, the individuals’ and manufacturers' votes play a heavy role inside the display, as they determine through vote casting who will stay in I-Land and who will move right down to the Ground. A constant range of 12 trainees can be inside the I-Land, but they may be dropped and demoted to the Ground (and directly get replaced with the aid of trainees from the Ground).

While the show on the whole makes a speciality of the trainees and producers votes[8], the audience would be able to vote on who remains inside the I-Land in the first a part of the display, and based in this, the display will dispose of all trainees inside the Ground. From there, the I-Landers will compete amongst themselves inside the second a part of the collection to determine who will debut in the final debut team of 7 members. The producers and target market are the handiest ones who can vote.[9]

The I-LAND emblem (retouched)
Namkoong Min serves because the official host, in addition to the commentator/narrator of the program. The contestants are evaluated and judged by means of three producers: most important producer Bang Si-hyuk, CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, South Korean singer Rain and rapper Zico, who're distinguished figures in K-pop and K-hip hop of the early 21st century respectively. Rain and Zico will also act as mentors and teach the participants.

A first in Korean survival programs, a Big Brother-fashion live cams titled, I-LAND Cam, features 1-hour video on demand multi-digital camera photos in the I-Land and Ground. New movies are launched each Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday on the Weverse app and on its internet site.[10] On the last week of I-LAND, I-LAND Cams are live streamed real-time each day for an hour beginning at 6PM KST.

Storyteller: Namkoong Min


Bang Si-hyuk
Rain (Part 1 best)
Zico (Part 1 best)

Son Sung-deuk

Hwang Kwanghee (Special Episode Host)
Apink's Kim Nam-joo (Special Episode Host)
Momoland's JooE (Special Episode Host)
Kim Sung-eun (Special Episode Host & Episode nine)
BTS (Episode 7 & 12)
Bae Yoon-jung (Episode 7)
Seventeen's The8, Jun, Hoshi, Dino (Episode 10)
TXT (Episode 12)
Seventeen (Episode 12, VCR simplest via AbemaTV Japan)

The sci-fi thriller The I-Land debuted on Netflix this past weekend, and it has speedy come to be the laughingstock of the internet (for properly purpose).

Critics and audiences are actually roasting this series — from the writing to the appearing to the filming to the modifying — landing it a perfect 0% clean score on Rotten Tomatoes. There definitely isn’t a unmarried component of this display that works. And at most effective seven episodes, averaging about 40 mins every, it’s a short watch. But as brief as it's far, any time spent looking it would be higher spent bingeing Unbelievable, every other quick Netflix display that premiered over the weekend.

You might be questioning at this point that The I-Land sounds like the right display to hate-watch, but, expensive reader, you could not be extra wrong. It’s just horrific, and no longer even laughably so. If you’re still curious approximately this failed strive at developing the new Lost, but don’t want to waste hours of your time, have no worry! We’re right here to inform you everything you can ever want to recognize approximately The I-Land, such as how it ends.

What is The I-Land about?
Things start off interestingly sufficient as a bunch of handsome strangers rocking the modern-day in minimalist safari style wake up on a tropical beach and not using a memory of who they may be or how they got there.

But that is no Lost — there’s no supernatural thriller connected to the morality of humanity right here. It’s certainly a simulation taking vicinity in a prison outdoor Hitchcock, Texas, where inmates are placed via increasingly lethal “demanding situations” on the island to peer if they’re redeemable and therefore earn their launch. Told through the attitude of an I-Land player named Chase (Natalie Martinez), as well as her fellow reminiscence-wiped inmates just like the ambiguously Southern-accented and confrontational K.C. (Kate Bosworth) and sexual attack predator Brody (Alex Pettyfer), things are so exceptionally on-the-nostril that you become feeling stupider the extra the story is laid out for you. It’s simply all so literal, with characters spitting out talk so obvious and head-scratchingly bizarre which you’re left to marvel if the writers have ever heard how human beings speak and interact with each different.

On the 11th of September episode of Mnet's 'I-LAND', some other worldwide fan-favored contestant became sent domestic. Although the contestants and the visitors were sad to look a member depart, they're excited because the contestants are a step toward accomplishing their dreams.

The long-awaited survival display is coming to an end because the curtains are equipped to shut and the new rookie boy institution makes their debut.

After the recent episode Mnet's 'I-LAND' made a short announcement approximately the special guests who will appear at the very last episode - BTS and TXT.

Before the viewers had been able to depart in the back of the sorrows of announcing good-bye to every other contestant, the BTS and TXT lovers have been capable of feel ecstatic to see their beloved groups make an look.

However, a few lovers and netizens have been unable to hide their doubts because the closing time BTS appeared on the display, the contestants have been only able to meet the boy group thru a pre-recorded video. Therefore, many fanatics held returned their anticipations declaring, "They would possibly handiest appear thru a video", and "Watch it's a pre-recorded video once more."

Despite the doubt, netizens look ahead to the final episode of the 'I-LAND' a good way to air next week.