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Friday, September 04, 2020

(LiveStream) BTS "THE MUSIC DAY" Dynamite NTV's annual Summer music festival

BTS will be performing Dynamite on Japanese TV for the first time on NTV's The Music Day on 9/12

Show timing 2:55pm- 10:54pm JST.

BTS "THE MUSIC DAY" Dynamite Japan debut

You have decided to appear ☺️
Dynamite Japanese TV debut
More fun

this day is
It’s Nam Jun’s Senil
I'm happy ☺️

Saturday, September 12, 2020
14:55 ~ 22:54
(8 hours live broadcast

I borrowed an image

Urgent appearance on BTS "THE MUSIC DAY"! Live performance from Osaka
Saturday, July 6th, 1:30-10:54 Broadcast BTS will make an urgent appearance at Nippon Music's summer music festival "THE MUSIC DAY"!

For the first time as an Asian artist, the album has won the 1st place of "Billboard 200" for three consecutive albums, they debuted "Boy With Luv -Japanese ver.-" for the first time! A hot stage is delivered from Osaka by relay.

Program information
[Title] THE MUSIC DAY 2019 ~Era~
[Broadcast date] July 6, 2019 (Sat) 13:30-22:54 (Live broadcast)
[General MC] Sho Sakurai
[Internet station] 28 stations + TOS
[Venue] Makuhari Messe Event Hall
September 1, 2020
2nd release of ban on artist information
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NiziU "THE MUSIC DAY" appearance decision! After formation, the first singing on TV
News 2020.09.01
"THE MUSIC DAY" cast announcement first! Eikichi Yazawa special drama & 20-year retrospective project of Arashi
Notice 2020.08.29
THE MUSIC DAY broadcast decision! General moderator Sho Sakurai Johnny Shuffle Medley [Comments]
News 2020.08.08
Broadcast information
Saturday, September 12 14:55-22:54 broadcast
General moderator
Sakurai Sho
There is a great sense of relief about this year that we were glad that we could deliver it.
There was a lot of tensionful news every day, and there was a moment when I was relieved to watch a music program. While staying at home for a long time, I felt that the music was positive and the mist was a little clearer as I played music. Although I may not be able to support my life, I now feel once again that music enriches my heart.
I think that sometimes music can be delivered to more people, more remembered, and even with a sense of temperature by putting "words" on the melody. Even in Arashi's activities, it is music that delivers messages to the hearts of fans, and we believe that music is what we do, and we continue to deliver songs.
Through the 8-hour live broadcast of "THE MUSIC DAY", I would like you to feel the lively energy that each artist is now sending a message across the TV. And as a MC, I hope it can be a medium to deliver the artist's thoughts.

Shinichi Hatori
Asami Mizuura
(NTV announcer)
The NEXT gate is foolish again this time!
Natsuki Taki
(NTV announcer)

This time, at #MUSICDAY, #Hitomi Yaida's stage will be lively
Call for your favorite "video with darling"!
To the chorus of the masterpiece "My Sweet Darlin'"
Please shoot a good friend video with a couple or a couple and apply!