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Saturday, November 14, 2020

(LiveStream) BTS Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend KBS

BTS will appear in a video interview on KBS' Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend-Pdogg episode on November 14, 6:05PM KST. BTS will talk about their stories about Pdogg's songs and reminisce about their first music show win and attendance at the Grammys.

[Exclusive] Bulletproof Boy Scouts,'Immortality-poisoned' surprise appearance.. Broadcast on the 14th
Group BTS (RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) appears in'Immortal Masterpiece' and meets viewers.

According to broadcast officials on the 7th, on KBS 2TV'Immortality' (hereinafter'Immortality') scheduled to air on the 14th, poisoned poison known as the'BTS exclusive composer' appears as an artist.

In this broadcast, BTS, who has been working on the album several times with Poison, will appear in support. The production crew of'Immortality' gave an interview about the relationship between BTS and poisoned poison, and released it through a VCR.

BTS also confesses the story of Poison's song in'Immortality'. He also talked about his first place in music broadcasting and the feeling of attending the Grammy Awards for the first time last year. It is a short supportive appearance, but it will be a good time to meet the viewers. After the main broadcast of'Immortality', which will be aired on the afternoon of the 7th, some will be released in the trailer.

BTS is a world star and the story behind the poisoning and the story behind the poisoned poison that will deliver world-class fandom in'Immortality' raises curiosity. In addition, attention is being drawn to what kind of story he will tell about BTS and his music work.

Along with this, BAE173 Song, Joongwan Yuk, Seungyeon Son, Jungah Sun, and Jungjo & Alien, who appeared in the'Poisoning Edition', are raising expectations for this broadcast, which is said to have decorated a stage full of attractions.

Meanwhile,'Immortality', which will be aired on the afternoon of the 7th, is'Give it up, Korea! In the second episode of'Celebrity Special', Se-ri Park appears as the main character. In addition. Resurrection, Lee Se-jun, Kim So-hyun & Son Jun-ho, Jung Mi-ae, Pentagon, and Kim Young-heum appear on a stage with emotion and fun.