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Sunday, May 02, 2021

Rangers vs Celtic LIVE STREAM

Rangers vs Celtic LIVE STREAM 

 02 May 2021 (0)

Rangers vs Celtic FC 

Rangers went through a really perfect group stage stage.  They have almost absolute achievements: won 28, drawn 5, won 89/99 maximum points.  Rangers owns the first series of the Scottish league season 2020/21 such as: the team that wins the most, the only unbeaten team, the team that scores the most goals ...

Rangers vs Celtic FC 

Going to the competition stage to choose the championship team, Rangers still achieved positive results.  They were unbeaten in the first two rounds: 2-1 victory over Hibernian and a 1-1 draw with Livingston.

Winning 1, drawing 1 is also Celtic's achievement in the period for teams competing for the Scottish Premiership championship 2020/21.  However, Celtic's victory came when they played at home (6-0 against Livingston).  On away field, Celtic only got a draw: 1-1 against St.  Johnstone.

Celtic's away record in the Scottish league this season is not really ideal.  They have not won 8/17 away games since the Scottish Premiership 2020/21 started: lost 2, drew 6.

Meanwhile, Rangers really 'hegemony' at home: winning in the Scottish league this season.  Celtic is also a 'victim' in Rangers' winning streak: losing 0-2 in April 2021.

So it wouldn't be surprising if Rangers beat Celtic on Sunday (May 2).